LL-12: Electocalypse

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Welcome to Liberty Lampoon #12: Electocalypse!!! I'm sure everyone knows it's election day. But way more important is that it's Liberty Lampoon podcast release day. We opened up the show talking about Bill Weld's "treachery", a general recap of the election so far, and how everything is going to stay pretty much the same no matter who wins. We hosted an extremely hostile debate between Steve (republican), and Chad (democrat)... Needless to say that went DEEP off the rails (*TRIGGERED*). For our grand phallus, we kind of lampooned democracy... But actually, the more important part of it was our decision to #vacatethevote. Finally we closed out with a segment we call "Locker room talk with Adrian", which plunged us further down the triggering rabbit hole. Adrian is from NerdSh!t, which is a nerd podcast! Go check that out here!


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