Best software for remote podcast guests

Obviously, if you're recording podcasts with remote hosts or guests, most people tend to use Skype. I for one think that's a silly idea. We here at Liberty Lampoon have used Discord in conjunction with free virtual mixing software, voice meter banana, which I figured out by staring down hours of Youtube videos. Discord is great, especially with the chat room and the ability to let people listen while you record, but It's not the best. The audio can get choppy sometimes. It's obviously better than Skype though because you can turn off the automatic noise suppression and echo cancellation, which sacrifices quality. Skype doesn't offer that option. 

Feenphone is my first choice when it comes to remote podcast guests/hosts. You can find all of the info on it as well as download it (for free) here. There's tutorials there that you absolutely have to watch in order to get going with it. It sounds great, and the creators aren't shy about telling you that. It's got to be the single best way to get remote guests.

Source-Connect Now is a new favorite of mine. It's free (mostly)... and it supposedly mimics industry standards. The best thing is, as long as you have google chrome, you're good to go. No downloads. No nothing really. One person can set up an account for free, and then once they're all set up, they can send email invitations to people to join the session. There's customization for the bit rates, no weird noise suppression, and my recent test of it was very good. I found 32 kbps (mono) to be the best setting. {will link the next episode here for examples}It's a fantastic free service and a great way around having to port forward or set up a server on Discord. It's straight forward and simple and as long as you got Chrome, it works. 

Obviously people have different tastes, but mine is good audio. I want the best audio I can get as easy as I can get it. People have put a lot of hard work into some of these programs and me being an anarchist, I fully support Feenphone... But, you should absolutely use these other programs if you can't figure out Feenphone, or if you have a Mac and you're to lazy to build the proverbial libertarian roads to mac audio goodness. 

Aaron Thompson: Host and writer at

Aaron Thompson: Host and writer at