Wikileaks, or naw?

Wikileaks dropped their newest batch of info yesterday. The dump allegedly contains CIA hacking techniques. Some of it is very damming to me, and some of it really isn't that big of a deal. Not that the CIA is good, it's more so that its things intelligent people probably already assumed was happening. The claim out there is that the CIA isn't allegedly spying on citizens, they're spying on foreigners. That in no way makes me feel any better, and really, if the CIA has this capability, certainly every other intelligence agency has the ability to do so as well.

I don't feel like diving into every single detail of every little thing so you can click the attribution link on this page or go here and find out about everything in there. I'm sure the little robots on Reddit have already unpacked almost every bit of the thousands of pages. I merely think it's important to note the optics here. The timing of this release is impeccable. Sure the content is extremely important in my opinion, but an anarcho-socialist birdie reminded me that, CIA evil aside, Trump is still in power, and he's been in some serious shit with the intelligence community. There's a theory going on out there that Wikileaks is trying their best to aid Trump in discrediting the CIA in order to ensure that any leaks surrounding Trump seem to be false. 

Look, I get it. That makes sense to me. I made the point that presidents come and go every four years. The CIA sticks around. They get away with every freaking thing they do. I want to discredit them any where. This got me thinking about my anarcho-libertarian ideas. I know I talk about politics often. Hell, I probably sound like a statist to most anarchists. But it just reminded me of something. Sure, I rejoice in leaks coming out about Trump, Hillary, any politician, and especially institutions like the CIA. That doesn't change the fact that I believe them all to be useless, and illegitimate. What is the point of this exercise at all even? 

Whatever this even is, one thing is clear to me. Liberty Lampoon is against presidents, the CIA, the powerful media, congress, democracy, communism, you name it. Maybe I should just start defining what we're for.

Free markets, free love, and free drugs... (not really the last two)

Aaron Thompson: Host and writer at

Aaron Thompson: Host and writer at