This budget doesn't change anything

While the GOP was crying about "wasteful spending" on things like training monkeys how to smoke better, the size of government didn't change at all. All of the things proposed as cuts in the budget do nothing to change the predicament the US faces. I'm not even using the royal "we" to describe the perp. "I" didn't do jack. The people behind the guns did. 

That's right though, I am insinuating that all your worry about 3 million dollars to paint a salmon on a jet is all pointless. Sure, cutting that spending is nice... but it does almost next to nothing to solve the spending problem (let alone the fact that it isn't even the government's money). The biggest welfare program in this country is the Military industrial complex and it has done next to nothing over the past 20 years to protect you. Sure, military men and women feel like they are protecting us, but what threat do we really face? Germany? Russia? Hardly. The people threatening us just recently discovered the wheel... And of course, it only stands to reason that they'd love to use it to kill the people wearing a flag that also happens to be on the cruise missile that blew up their parents. Remember, there are fighting age men who grew up not knowing why a country on the other side of the globe was blowing up their neighborhood.

Welfare and entitlements are a whole other can of worms. Entitlement reform is something even the elderly are pitted into battle over. Kids such as me are paying into social security, and that money is draining straight through to the elderly. If I get to opt out, I deplete their source of money... Which the government just happened to promise them... And us... But until entitlement reform happens, you can never solve the issue of the debt, deficit, or budget at all. 

 These are the real problem areas. You can conquer little fish all day, but it never solves the problem. And really, even talking about ending these expenditures is problematic. The state doesn't want to  shrink and it never will. The real problem is people believing that individuals in government some how have a right to point a gun at people and force them into slavery via taxation, regulation, and servitude. 

Something I heard recently, the abolitionist screams about the coercive enterprise (you call it government), saying "this is an immoral practice". People say "who would build the roads", people say "who would care for the poor"... These responses amount to "who would pick the cotton".  

The budget doesn't matter. Your belief in the state is the problem.


Aaron Thompson: Host and writer at

Aaron Thompson: Host and writer at