Newsflash: Liberty Lampoon is explicit as F#@%

What a great day to be alive. I can post whatever I want on and nothing happens to it. You can't really report it. You can try but probably nothing will happen. This is the thing about the future. Everybody and their dog can get a blog or a website and post almost anything. 

When Liberty Lampoon started, we censored the first four episodes hoping that maybe we could reach a bigger audience. While our audience was rather large, we didn't feel good about the end product. Actually, the process of going through and bleeping out every single cuss or "naughty word" was super annoying and time consuming. Even worse, what's the point of censoring yourself as you talk if you never plan on being on government controlled nanny radio. 

If you've listened before, you know we speak our minds. We tell brash jokes and sometimes we use "dude talk" when referring to one another. Listen to our last four episodes, you will hear a steady stream of dick and fart jokes. And you know what, we love it. 

We think what we do is funny. In no way do we consider it some sort of repressed statism. Sure, we went to government schools. We spent some time in "government indoctrination camps", and at least one of us was beaten down in the military. Do those experience shape who we are? Yes. Do we somehow hug the state by telling mean jokes just to cope with trauma we once went through? Hell no.  

Statists went to high school and college. They then decided to start their own radio shows. Does that mean we shouldn't do radio shows because "that's what statists do..."? No!!! What a ridiculous argument.  

That's all I'll say about that for now. Just remember, listen to Liberty Lampoon at your own risk. We don't even know what we'll say next but its all in jest. This is who we are and it doesn't mean anything other than we think its funny. 

 If you don't, don't listen.




Aaron Thompson: host and writer at Liberty