Peepeegate and other musings

I told you so.

When the left was spewing their "Fake News" narrative after losing the retarded game known as the presidential election, I made the point that calling for aggressive censorship and making black lists of "fake news" to alienate media you disagree with was a really dumb idea. Especially when your opposition/target is the incoming administration. Trump calling CNN "fake news" confirms my near perfect prediction. The only difference is the amount of digging you have to do to make it through all of the layers of shit in this specific case.


At some point, apparently a british agent handed over a document to U.S. intellegence detailing how the Russians have leverage on the incoming POTUS. That leverage apparently involves Trump paying prostitutes in Russia to piss on a bed that, allegedly, Obama had slept on at one point. Now, it may very well be true. I'm not going to try to figure that part out. I will say, though, that such a waste of a perfectly good bed is horrific. I hope it was at least towards the end of his stay in this hotel. I mean, what the hell are you supposed to sleep on? The fold out couch? Clearly I don't stay in upscale hotels.


After these events, BuzzFeed decided to release the story even though many other publications had passed on it. Mainly because the report is very much unsubstantiated and riddled with errors. Satirical journalism and biting criticism is what we do on our website because we think it's hilarious and we're good at it, so it's expected when we talk about unsubstantiated claims like this. But a "respected" source like BuzzFeed doing it? Who, when criticised about the whole thing pointed out that they air on the side of publishing. Wow. BuzzFeed should be excited to know, I have pictures of Bill O'Reilly butt fucking Rush Limbaugh. #PleasePublish


Now its time to get crazy. Apparently 4chan, a popular imageboard website in which users generally post anonymously (also full of alt-right, shit posting trolls), is taking credit for the report. They claim that it was created out of thin air to troll some anti trump guy who then gave it to BuzzFeed who then contacted the CIA and the FBI. Some of that claim has been pretty well debunked. But if true, holy shit! Good job punking the whole of the elites and probably half of the country. I only wish I could do better than calling the local public animal shelter about their thin blue line American flag. Apparently telling the dog catcher he's defacing the American flag by flying a gang sign is offensive. But really, what does this end up saying about the nature of the US political/news machine?


I think one thing is clear. News is fucked. I'm not lobbying for silencing anyone. I'm not saying we should go on a witch hunt. I'm saying that good media is an artifact. CNN ran with the story AS IS. I mean, Trump knows if it is true or not. And if you believe him on anything, you're probably a sheep anyway. But what a crazy thing for a MAJOR news source to do. Maybe, just maybe... Grow a pair of balls and make the hard cases with actual evidence. There's plenty of shitty Trump to go around. The only reason these sites are going after bs is because none of the usual witch hunts have worked on this guy. The outcome will be the same here too.


This just confirms what i already knew. If someone creates a 100% accurate fake news filter, you'll be looking at blank screens 24/7. To be honest, it might be better that way.




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