A commercial Bill Weld needs to hear...

Check out the video (It's just audio, but do it anyways)

So by now every libertarian out there has heard Bill Weld's interview with Rachel Maddow. He said, specifically, that he was there to vouch for Hildawg. Now, most people didn't hear the entire interview, but it is MUCH worse. We here at Liberty Lampoon knew from the very beginning who this guy was. I know, I know... "Well why didn't you get involved and try to stop it"... Well we did talk about him a lot. Frankly, there's not much you can do once a political party is infiltrated by... well... politics. The LP clearly isn't the place to spread the ideas of liberty any more. If you feel like it is, be my guest. Liberty Lampoon will continue to lambaste ANYONE who is in politics regardless of what party they are supposedly a part of. 

This clip is an interlude from the upcoming Liberty Lampoon episode #12 which will release on Tuesday November 8th... Join us for our electocalypse.