Make America The Mediocre Terrible It's Always Been

Aaron Thompson

As more and more op-ed's pop up claiming that Trump is literally Satan and that every little thing that is happening because of the election is 100% justified, i find myself a little disgusted. There's gobs of reasons that any one of these fear harboring leftists could totally give me that fully justifies the outrage. I am in no way suggesting that people shouldn't be. But i am saying that Trump is absolutely business as usual, and it's your fault.


If by business as usual you mean a president that lies to minorities and continues the policies that definitely keep them down, that's going to be Trump. Of course his rhetoric is bad. Take for instance the idea of a registry for Muslims. If you think that list doesn't already exist i would point you to all of the countless situations where FBI agents acting as agents provocateur infiltrated peaceful mosques trying to inspire violent acts. All of which have been done under Obama's administration. So the only real difference in this scenario is that Obama hides his dirty bigoted policy.


What about deportation? Trump has put forth his plan to deport around 3 million "violent illegal immigrants". Our current president deported more than any other president in history. 2.9 million to be exact. So yes, of course Donald is wanting to deport more illegal immigrants than any US president, but not by much more than president Obama. Still, it boggles my mind that the entire US turns a blind eye to the similarity between Obama's protectionism and Trumps rhetoric.


Perhaps most important of all is foreign policy. Trump has continuously maintained an attitude of "non interventionist" policy sprinkled with TERRIBLE war crime sounding policy. Which hilariously enough, is exactly what Obama has done. He was an anti-war candidate who realized that since drones don't expend US lives, he could pretty much do whatever he wants, kill whoever he wants, and detain indefinitely whoever he wants, all in the name of national security. Trump is as much of a war hawk as coffee shop Obama.


Clearly, people are most upset about the vile words spewed by Trump. I don't wish to diminish the outrage surrounding those words. I understand some of the fear behind all of that. Something the left needs to realize though, president Trump absolutely will have all of the same powers as Obama and Bush. When republicans sat quiet while Bush seized more executive power, they allowed Obama that same amount of power. When Democrats sat quiet while Obama seized more executive power, they allowed Trump that same amount of power. But its insane to think that the lifers in government are really going to allow things to be any different. Those are the people who call the shots. Even if Trump wants to repeal things you believe in, do you really think the congress is going to let all of their power slip through their own fingers?


Trump is bad, and bad is business as usual. Trump isn't going to prosecute Hillary, he's not going to gut Obama care, he's not really going to build a huge wall, and really he's going to continue most everything the left loves. Even if I'm 100% wrong in writing that last sentence, trust me when I say he's not any different than any other president in history. He's the same. You just don't like the words he uses. The outrage over that is probably half the reason he got elected.