Where do we go from here?

Everyone keeps talking about what we should or should not be saying. Libertarian thinkers are out there blogging about trying to reach leftists, or trying to seize the opportunity to influence Trump in his clearly unknown policy decisions moving forward. I don't think either of those ideas are good, to be quiet honest. I think what libertarians should be doing, is crafting solutions and further explaining why the state is a monster. If the left wants to rejoin the anti-war movement that libertarians have consistently spoken of, let them join in spreading that message. If the right wants to actually put forth good economic ideas that could possibly free the market, let them join in spreading that message too. But why should we stoop to the level of people who literally just tailor their philosophy to the bully pulpit in their respective movements?

That's the problem I've consistently seen in the libertarian community. We have this insatiable need to please one side or the other in order to generate more growth. The problem is, as anyone with a brain can see, we basically compromise our message until hardly any is left. Bill Weld was the LP vice presidential candidate, for god's sake! He was a gun grabbing authoritarian! Frankly, I don't even view the LP as a real libertarian organization anymore. I'd much rather dump my money into The Tom Woods Show, or The Libertarian Institute, or Anti-War.com. Those organizations are doing a much better job getting the message out than the LP. This whole "how can I help you" brand of "little bit of both" libertarian isn't actually libertarian. In fact, it's probably the worst ideology out there, and the worst thing for liberty there is. 

I know, you're probably saying "Well what the hell are you doing for liberty?". The answer to that, from really any libertarian, should be "I'm doing my best". Today I was listening to The Joe Rogan Experience #874 with Scott Adams, who is the creator/writer of the Dilbert comics. He made this great point. You don't need to be in the top 1% of one skill set to be successful, pick the things that you are in the top 10% of skill wise, and then combine all of those things together and see what you come up with. So, I'm kind of funny, I can tell a good story, I have a decent voice, I love producing content, and I like consuming vast amounts of news and politics. I combined all of those small skills and now I do this successful podcast (statistically successful  for where we are at right now). That's what we should all be doing!

Most of us understand the ideas of liberty. Now, we just need to tell it like it is and offer solutions. If we aren't offering solutions, we should be committed to offering GREAT, high-quality content that we stand behind at all times. That's what I am trying to do with Liberty Lampoon. I love the media I produce, and I stand behind all of it. If people get liberty along the way, that's great. I don't constantly have to cater to one side or the other. I don't have to constantly read you Anatomy of the stateWe all need to find that niche, produce good content, don't bow down to the left or right, and wait for the fish to bite. Stop catering to people so much and stand by your principles. Isn't that what we're supposedly all about?