The Countdown To Doomsday (Not really)

Okay there really isn't an actual countdown or even an actual Doomsday. I don't mean to troll you with an edgy title, but there is a pretty concerted effort on all fronts of today's news cycle to convince you that one way or the other we are all going to die in a fiery nuclear war. The less doom and gloom media out there is just telling you that if Trump or Clinton is elected (depending on which side you subscribe), we are all going to be broke, jobless, or losing all the time. That sounds right to you boot licking statists out there, you know who you are (Trump, Clinton, Johnson, Stein supporters), but is it really all that true? Is the world really going to explode just because you marked the wrong name? Is Russia's "Satan 2" nuclear missile really going to be used to wipe out Texas?

Now, I absolutely believe that governments do bad things. They do. It's a fact. As far as I can tell, Russia really has developed an ICBM capable of wiping out Texas, and they REALLY DID name it "Satan part 2". That seems very aggressive, and honestly I lean towards it being totally evil and dangerous. But take a step back real quick. According to the U.S. Dept. of Defense, the U.S. has troops in 150 countries, and Russia, from the most recent information I could glean from Wikipedia (don't judge me, I couldn't find an actual news source for this number and quite frankly it can't be any less valuable than every other main stream source), has troops in just 10. So, given this information, who is seeking peace, and who is seeking world dominance/imperialism? 

I'm not here to tell you that Russia doesn't have cruel intentions and I'm not here to tell you that Russia won't do some screwed up stuff, not excluding creating doomsday weapons, to advance their agendas. They certainly will. I'm only trying to put things into perspective here. The U.S. has around 1700 active nuclear war heads and the US has troops in 150 countries. Russia has around the same amount of nuclear weapons, and is in 10 countries. Clearly the U.S. is a greater threat to the world in the eyes of Russia. So clearly there is a need to try to deter the current administration from its imperialism. Maybe the idea that a government (always bad), who is experiencing the effects of U.S. aggression trying to create a means of deterring that aggression isn't so insane or Doomsdayesque. 

Now onto the elephant (and jackass) in the room. 

First of all, the idea that your vote means anything is clearly illogical. It's a super ineffective way to change anything. I'm a firm believer of direct action without using the government or force to achieve your goals, though I won't get into that right now. The idea that Donald Trump or Hildawg (I watch Southpark) are going to change ANYTHING for the better... That is even MORE insane. Hildawg wants to create a no fly zone in a country that Russia is flying missions in. Russia is flying missions there because THEY WERE INVITED! The U.S. however, was not. In fact, the U.S. is probably directly to blame for the chaos in said country. That means Hildawg is wholeheartedly endorsing shooting down Russian planes. What does that mean? I'll wait...


WAR WITH RUSSIA!!! You got it. 

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has espoused some different ideas. He claims the war in Iraq was bad. He claims that we shouldn't be shedding blood in the middle east. He also claims that since we are already there, we should stay there, wipe out Isis, take all the oil, and you know, waterboard as many people as we can. He also wants to do some economic attacks by levying tariffs. Clearly this isn't an economic post, but I view that as just as much aggression. Let's be real, running on the idea that you are going to GROW our already MASSIVE military seems to state that you want to get aggressive, does it not? 

Not to mention all of their stupid economic and domestic policies. Both major candidates are terrible. I can't even begin to tell you which candidate is really worse. The only good thing I have to say about any of them is that Trump is making the GOP crap their britches and is finally skewering the Clinton's for their corrupt past, and that's okay with me. Doesn't mean I in any way endorse the guy. He want's to drastically decrease my buying power by instituting tariffs. Screw both of these clowns. 

That brings me to the point. All of these things are things that have already happened. Presidents have already instituted policies like these in the past. Yeah they may hurt us, but it's not the end of the world. Don't worry about it so much, and for gods sake, don't keep buying what they're selling! Governments exist because people keep giving them power over their lives. STOP DOING IT! Find a way to increase your freedom in your day to day life. Avoid the State at all costs. Spread the idea that government really isn't the end all be all of society. This cycle is going to keep repeating unless more individuals realize how illegitimate it is. That process starts with you. Don't waste all of your time thinking the world is going to end. Things are bad, but they kind of always have been since we've had a government. The goal should be to find a way around it... and then to tell other people how to avoid these hacks as well. 


If you're looking for ways to increase freedom in your own individual life, or you're looking for ways to get around our overbearing system, or you're just looking for some of the philosophy behind these ideas, here are a couple of links to resources I recommend (other than my own show but we don't usually talk about the plan, we just bash these dummies for existing).

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