Your political compass sucks...

For some time, I've heard that the politics of the U.S. is like a pendulum. Every now and then it swings to the right. Then, after it reaches its peak, it swings back to the left. The statists that preach this heresy claim that this observable phenomenon ensures that the process is legitimate, or that somehow that indicates a fair and balanced system. But that isn't really the compass that a libertarian, such as myself, should be considering. 

A few months ago, a friend of mine brought up this pendulum theory to explain why the authoritarian known as Trump might very well win the election, the intricacies of which I have omitted for time's sake. But I came up with a theory contrary to this statist ideal everyone seems to tout as fact. The statist believes that the pendulum swings left and right and the reason this idea is spread is to gin up hope that eventually, they will get a candidate that will impose their individual will on 49% of the population. But what if the two parties aren't actually two parties at all? What if by singling out left and right, we are actually forgetting that these are both equal limbs of a gruesome monster (Halloween nod)?

My theory is based on a compass. Like the one below.



The left side point would be left wing policies, the right side being right wing policies, and the handle at the top being the State itself. As you can see, its all one peice. The left point, though distant the right, still remains forever connected to the point that guides either side.

Suppose you had a piece of paper. For an easy to understand example, lets say the bottom of the sheet of paper says "1776", the top says "absolute authoritarianism". Place both points of the compass on the piece of paper and begin to swing the points forward one at a time. To someone unable to see the point of connection at the top of the compass, it would appear that the legs swing back and forth, sort of like a pendulum. But from our perspective in this example, that isn't the way that it is. The left point and the right point are inseparable. Their master moves them forward, knowing very well that the individuals effected by their plans will never see the true source of their problems. The pendulum doesn't swing left and right. The compass moves forward towards authoritarianism.

What then should we make of this compass? What purpose does it serve to know that the left and right wing's of politics are inseparable? As I said before, it is nearly impossible for the pawns at the page level to see that their "wing" is actually piloted by the all powerful State. It is our job to diminish that idea. To take someone page level and point to the control and expose this system for what it is: a fraud. The more people you get to drop off the page and walk south past that 1776 mark, the more lives you've saved and the greatest change is made.

The pendulum is a fraud, dude.  Enlighten your friends.

Aaron T.