About liberty lampoon

Hosts Aaron and Michael gather all of the latest and greatest news related to statists and crappy politicians every week and do a podcast about it. So many libertarian podcasts spend their time talking about the non-aggression principle and the philosophy behind libertarianism. That's great! We applaud those podcasts and listen to them daily. But we saw a market need for a libertarian podcast that rails against these monsters with vicious ad-hom attacks and hate speech against the state.


We take time every week to record jokey interludes, come up with over the top and offensive impressions all lampooning the power elite. Episodes are uncensored and brash but all in a comical manner. We appreciate your listens and we will continue to bash the system on a weekly basis until someone has us droned.


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Aaron Thompson, host and producer for Liberty Lampoon, lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Aaron spends most of his time working, hanging out with his wife and kid, and consuming vast amounts of political commentary or comedy based media. Aaron came to liberty through Free Talk Live, and then was pushed fully into it from the mad ravings and comical late night radio show, The Freedom Feens.

Michael Coager, host and punster for Liberty Lampoon, lives in Norman, Oklahoma. Michael spends most of his time at the University Of Oklahoma trying to change the system from within... Or actually just trying to get a degree... pretty much only that. He is a marine veteran, who served in Afghanistan. Michael came to liberty same as Aaron, although Aaron force fed it to him through a stomach pump for an entire year.

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